Black Friday Advertising Triumph for Cosmetic E-Commerce Store. Google Ads with ROAS 12.43.



Black Friday promoting


Increase online sales


1 month


The main goal of the project is to increase online sales during Black Friday month. The primary advertising tool is the Google Ads.

What we've done

1. Identified the target audience for the project.

2. Developed a global promotion strategy for the month.
3. Identified the needs and issues of potential customers.

4. Created a unique advertising creatives.
5. Optimized advertising campaigns and stabilized client revenue.
A leading cosmetics e-commerce store aimed to capitalize on the Black Friday shopping frenzy, enhancing brand visibility, and driving substantial sales through a strategically executed Google Ads campaign. The primary objective was to achieve a robust Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while offering enticing promotions to capture the attention of online shoppers during the Black Friday sales period.


- Intense competition during the Black Friday season necessitated a standout advertising strategy.
- Balancing attractive promotions with maintaining profitability.
- Ensuring the campaign's efficiency and maximizing ROAS within a limited time frame.
Conducted a comprehensive analysis of market trends, competitor strategies, and consumer behavior during Black Friday. Developed a tailored Google Ads campaign strategy that emphasized targeted ad placements and compelling promotions.
Crafted attention-grabbing ad copies highlighting exclusive Black Friday deals and discounts. Collaborated with the creative team to design visually appealing banners and promotional graphics that aligned with the brand's aesthetics.

Precision Targeting

Utilized Google Ads' advanced targeting features to reach the most relevant audience segments. Leveraged demographic targeting, location-based targeting, and user behavior data to ensure ads were displayed to users most likely to convert.
Enhanced ad visibility and user engagement by incorporating ad extensions and sitelinks. Provided additional information, such as specific product categories, offers, and direct links to popular landing pages, optimizing the user journey.

Budget Optimization

Implemented a dynamic budget allocation strategy, prioritizing high-performing ads and allocating budget based on real-time performance data. Ensured that the campaign maintained a competitive edge throughout the Black Friday sales period.
Utilized real-time analytics to monitor campaign performance continuously. Implemented strategic adjustments in bidding strategies, keyword targeting, and ad placements to optimize for maximum ROAS.


Through meticulous planning, precision targeting, and continuous optimization, Shine Bright online concept store triumphed in its Black Friday Google Ads campaign. The remarkable ROAS of 12.43 reflects not only the success of the campaign but also the effectiveness of a well-crafted strategy tailored for one of the most competitive periods in e-commerce. The Black Friday advertising success serves as a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing execution.

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