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2-3 weeks

Client Overview:

Royal Garden, a landscape design company, approached our agency with a request to create a modern, user-friendly corporate website. The client sought a visually appealing design, seamless usability, an admin panel for content editing, case studies and services text creation, feedback forms, and the entire website to be in Ukrainian. The project was expected to be completed within a tight timeframe of 2-3 weeks.

Project Scope:

1. Design and Usability: Our team focused on delivering a visually striking and modern design that aligned with the landscape design industry. Emphasis was placed on creating a user-friendly experience to enhance website usability.

2. Admin Panel Integration: An intuitive admin panel was integrated to empower the client to easily edit and manage website content without technical expertise.

3. Multilingual Functionality: The website was developed in Ukrainian, meeting the client's requirement for a single-language platform.

4. Feedback Forms: Various forms were strategically placed throughout the website, allowing users to provide feedback and make inquiries conveniently.

5. Customization of Webflow Template: To expedite development and maintain cost-effectiveness, we opted for the Webflow platform and customized a premium template to suit Royal Garden's brand identity and specific requirements.


- The project was executed seamlessly, adhering to the client's brief and priorities.
- The use of Webflow allowed us to harness the power of code without manual coding, providing a clean and efficient development process.

Real Work Illustration:

The client supplied us with authentic photos of their completed landscape design projects. This authenticity helped us showcase real, tangible work rather than relying on stock images.


- The Royal Garden corporate website was delivered on time and within the stipulated budget.
- The client received a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing website that aligned with their brand image.
- The utilization of Webflow ensured that the generated code was clean, semantic, and ready for publication or handover to developers.

Cost of Services:

The comprehensive website development services, including template customization, design, and content creation, were provided at a competitive rate of 1800 euros.
In conclusion, the Royal Garden project exemplifies our team's ability to meet client expectations, leverage advanced platforms like Webflow, and deliver a high-quality, tailor-made solution within a specified timeframe.

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