Plan B

Website development on WIX


Website development on WIX


Portfolio/image site


3 weeks

Client Overview:

Plan B is a manufacturer of bespoke furniture, decor and lighting, specialising in commercial projects such as bars, hotels, offices, cafes, beauty salons, clothing shops and much more.
✓ Experience: 11 years
✓ Team: 56 specialists
✓ Number of projects: 764
✓ Production capacity: 1000 customised products per month

Project scope:

1. Design and Usability: We focused on the look and feel of the site and each page individually. The site needed to be relevant to the industry in which Plan B operates. Special attention was paid to creating a user-friendly interface to enhance the usability of the site.

2. Multilingual functionality: The site was developed in 3 languages (German, English, Ukrainian) All texts were written by a professional copywriter.

3. Content: The client has a large database of visual exclusive content which was used on the pages of the site. Anmation effects were also applied.

4. Feedback Forms: Various forms were strategically placed throughout the site, allowing users to leave feedback and make enquiries in a convenient manner.

5. WIX template customisation: In order to speed up development and maintain cost-effectiveness, we chose the WIX platform and customised the premium template according to Plan B's corporate identity and specific requirements.

6. Direct and native advertising of the product. Due to integration into the video storyline, as well as mentioning in social networks Facebook, Instagram.


The project was executed flawlessly, in line with the client's brief and priorities.- Using WIX allowed us to utilise code features without manual coding, ensuring a clean and efficient development process.

Real Work Illustration:

The client supplied us with authentic photos of their completed landscape design projects. This authenticity helped us showcase real, tangible work rather than relying on stock images.


- The Plan B corporate website was delivered on time and within the stipulated budget.
- The client received a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing website that aligned with their brand image.
- The utilization of WIX ensured that the generated code was clean, semantic, and ready for publication or handover to developers.


After the site was published, we implemented SEO tweaks, which will give the site a boost in future positions. on branded queries in search engines.

Cost of services:

Comprehensive website development services including template customisation, design and content creation were provided at a competitive price of 1300 euros. + additional payment of 800 euros for the service of basic seo optimisation of the website.

In drawing a conclusion to this project, we can emphasise the fact that when the. 

a) Co-ordinated and effective work with the client. We were on the same wavelength with the client.
b) Quick constructive discussions, which saved time for both the client and the contractor. 
c) availability of content from the client's side, allowed to avoid generating content on the stocks.

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