Facebook Advertising Case: How varios Facebook Ads increased B2C sales.

500%+ ROI and brand awareness increased.




Facebook Ads


Increase online sales


1 year


The main goal of the project is to increase online sales. Additional tasks include testing at what point, in terms of the number of daily or monthly orders, the online store becomes unable to handle the load, and achieving a turnover amount that will cover the marketing expenses as quickly as possible.

What we've done

1. Identified the target audience for the project.

2. Tested all advertising placements on Facebook and Instagram

3. Identified the needs and issues of potential customers.

4. Determined optimal budgets for targeted advertising.

5. Optimized advertising campaigns and stabilized client revenue.
Test advertising campaigns were launched to check cold audiences. We aimed to thoroughly understand the target audience, even though we recognized from the outset that our goal was to reach several million potential customers.During the second stage of our work, we focused on optimizing advertising campaigns.

Advertising Formats

During our work, we test all available ads formats on a single target audience. We often launch up to 15 advertising campaigns, each yielding different results. To achieve the maximum outcome and optimize costs, we need to gather analytics within 2-5 days of operation and then target only audiences with high conversion rates. It's crucial not to forget about the cost per lead, a key metric we monitor 24/7.
Cosmetics is a niche where standard approaches like "Weekly Prices" or "Seasonal Sales" may not work well. Unique promotions, diverse product bundles, and gifts are what consistently yield results. We use texts addressing customer pain points. Frequently, our ads campaigns leverage trendy phrases such as, "Don't have a dry brush yet? Buy now and get a free..."
Internet stores often allocate a significant budget for promotion. During the testing period, we identified optimal rates and budgets for our niche. Then we increased the advertising budget only in line with the growth in orders. Don't be afraid of large budgets. If there is positive ROI, invest money as long as the topic interest to potential customers.

Black Friday Promotion

We are more than satisfied with the results obtained: ROI 500%+, over a million impressions. Social media advertising reached two million users, was shown to them over 14 million times, and received over 150 thousand clicks.
We analyze advertising campaigns two to three times a day and recalculate ROI once a day. During periods of maximum activity in targeted advertising with daily budgets exceeding $1000, it's important to understand where we are spending and what we are earning. If the analysis shows that the audience is fatigued, we urgently change creatives. Some creatives last a month, while others only five to seven days. We strive to create many variations to have the ability to launch new ones at any moment.


An online store in its advertising campaigns should focus attention on a unique trade offer—this could be discounted sets, trendy gifts, or unique products. Anything that sets you apart from competitors and brings in sales. It's essential to continually experiment with ad formats, regularly analyze results, and not be afraid to invest significant money in promotion.

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