Educational portal for farmers


Educational portal for farmers


Increase online sales


2 years


The main goal of the project is to create an engaging educational portal for farmers and achieve self-sustainability as quickly as possible.

What we've done:

1. Market Research: understand the needs and preferences of target audience.

2. Created high-quality, informative content.

3. Developed educational portal.

4. Used social media and other marketing channels to promote site.

5. Collaborated with agricultural organizations, universities, and industry experts.

6. Direct and native advertising of the product. Due to integration into the video storyline, as well as mentioning in social networks Facebook, Instagram.

How we promoted the project

1. Each video story had an announcement and thus warmed up the audience.

2. After each video series was published on the YouTube channel, we informed about it on the weight channels:

- Web site. A full article was posted, which was optimized for search engines for certain keywords

- Publications in social networks Facebook, Instargam with mandatory paid and detailed targeting.

- After collecting organic views, 2-3 days later an advertising campaign was launched in YouTube to increase views.

- Influencer marketing was also used. Reposts on the channels of partners and bloggers were used

For all the time of the project's existence, we managed to increase the recognition of brands and products that participated in the project. We received and still receive a large number of questions and comments to the project experts.

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