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In this case, we have well-known brands in the market that are highly beloved by their audience. Our task was to increase sales during the Black Friday discount period, which lasted for one week. The same strategy was applied to each of the projects, which is why we present this case as successful across different niches.

What we've done:

1. Identified the target audience for the project.

2. Developed a global promotion strategy for the month.

3. Identified the needs and issues of potential customers.

4. Created a unique advertising creatives.

5. Optimized advertising campaigns and stabilized client revenue.
Black Friday is a challenging period for marketers, as many online stores prepare for this time. Everyone has one goal - to sell a lot! However, we have significant experience in conducting such advertising campaigns, and we knew which strategy works best.


As usual, a week before the massive discounts, sales plummeted, and we began warming up the audience with creatives about the upcoming promotion, emphasizing that the action was about to start, and they could purchase products at a discount (so save your money).
Since we consistently handle the promotion of these projects without interruptions, a significant advantage was that we already had collected audiences. All that was left was to segment them.
In the end, we had four segmented audiences:

- Broad audience
- Audience with specific interests (kitchenware, cooking, housewives)
- Users who visited the site but didn't make a purchase in the past month
- Users who abandoned their carts in the past month

The next stage was the development of designs. By this point, we always approach it carefully. We prepared static visual visuals in advance, in case any of them didn't work, so we could replace them promptly. Naturally, the emphasis in the visual part was on the discount size, brand logo, and product.Setting up advertising campaigns.
We used pre-warmed and trained ad groups to launch advertising campaigns. This significantly accelerates algorithms to understand the audience and find more cost-effective conversions.

Optimizing advertising campaigns in such a short time frame is practically impossible, but nevertheless, we planned a strategy to disable advertising creatives that yield no results or acquire expensive conversions, with the aim of reallocating budgets to more effective ads.

Budget Optimization:

As soon as we noticed that our ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) metrics began to exceed the planned 8.0, we immediately applied a budget scaling tactic (after obtaining prior approval from the client). Each day, we increased the budget by 10-15% of the planned amount.

During this period, we spent $488 and earned $10,345. The gross profit is based on the analytics of the advertising account.


The outcomes speak volumes.The overall ROAS for one of the projects reached an impressive 21.17. Meticulous preparation, planning, and the early launch of advertising campaigns proved successful for this project. Every year, we refine our strategy to consistently deliver exceptional results.

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